South pond lit by high clouds (3.49)

It is in the depths of idiotic intimacy that the deepest drama of converse with the divine happens. G&B 261


South pond lit by high clouds__rustications of ocean breeze

light splinters as it passes__it takes an idle mind to seize


sweet nothings out of all this__such surplus of immediacy

out of many tall dry grasses__one bends under a chickadee


From the hill above the pond (3.46)

Being that is no-being is most clearly evident in human being. God and the Between, 263


from the hill above the pond__go! starts a human race

splitting the air for charity__the pond empties in any case


the runners disappear for good__in the ribbed shallows light plays

a crow appears on a dry rock__irridescent black and stays

Bright houses upside down (3.47)

There is always something more and other. G&B 271


bright houses upside down__at my feet soaking grasses array

off-white chemical scuds__at the outlet water marbles


clockwise and counterclockwise__gallaxies of whirlpools

high clouds in the breathless pond__shadow of wings away


the descending triplet rising__there’s always something more

and other to what happens__that song hangs in the air


Low tide and Spring haze (3.48)

low tide and Spring haze__mudflat’s crumpled foil

dull sheen of meanders__think Meister Eckhart’s boil


in the confusion of that zero__after love love may recover

in the shine of empty shallows__white egrets leap and hover