High clouds in the mudflats

New Pond Song 3.52


There can be dialectical idols  G&B 271


high clouds in the mudflats__an egret turns in a pool

this thin white vertical__a day people call beautiful


there’s a bench in the bright sun__a young man sits at an angle

there talking softly to himself__the egret flies with legs adangle




2 thoughts on “High clouds in the mudflats

  1. I like the economical picture of the egret: thin white vertical, then the manner of flight – and the presence of the young man on that bench. I don’t remember seeing him in previously in the series. He and the bird seem absorbed each in their own world. The poem is the sum of it all, I suppose.

    • That makes me feel better about this particular song. I intentionally made it different. I wasn’t sure it worked. The Song (or Sung, 960-1279) aesthetic of “blandness” is something I like to think about (your own aesthetic is close to this, I believe?) You showed me the implicit connection between the image of the egret and the one of the young man. I suppose I identified with both!

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