Truculence of incoming tide

Pond Song 3.58

 Thinking itself is a later formation of the self-transcendence of mind which is rooted in this primal porosity. G&B 34


truculence of incoming tide__mourning dove’s still falling notes

over the bright meanders__now thinking comes in quotes


slap and slither of salt water__flash of a dervish dance

over the rush of small fry__ egret mind’s self-transcendence


spartina morning sparkle

Pond Song 3.57

Our patience of being vibrates in attunement with the glory of creation. G&B 38

spartina morning sparkle__terns twist and dip

out of sight splash of ducks__steady staccato clip


Dick prunes dumb Box Elders__above me Queen Anne’s lace

canopies blue asters__the mind fasts in place

The American dream pure pretense

Pond Song 3.56


Certain kinds of life lose us the ‘yes,’ so we must think through the ‘yes’ and its meaning again, live towards it, live in it.  G&B 35.


the American dream pure pretense__the people grateful for fireworks

over the pond such oblivion__capitalist green algae perks


up the mudflats today you hoo__thank god for lunar tides

and kenotic appearances__a small white egret strides


and leaps in a tide pool__in the middle a herring gull

moves not stands at attention__from across the water the pull


of a fragrant crab apple tree__this is not the cycle’s bottom

but a return to being’s zero__a yes from outside to become




First light in rice grass

Pond Song 3.55

The gift of being able to begin again reveals the promise of agapeic being. G&B 332 


first light in rice grass__lower between fat clovers

dew caught in long shadows__elsewhere a bee hovers


Du Mu asleep on the bench__white hair escaping his cap

rising from the pond a gull__shaking it off drop by drop