overcast after rain

Pond Song 3.67


At an elemental level, the powers of nature appear as aesthetic energies, often full of generative élan, erotically at play in the living milieu of air, earth, fire, water. G&B 181



overcast after rain__mudflats luminous

tarnished mirrors backlit__ten cormorants plus


a heron and an egret__at the edge of the shallows

gently streaming to sea__Xie’s pattern unfolding flows


this close and beyond__just where I join the road

ducks dabble and wash__and the water pours out


air cool sun warm

Pond Song 3.66


Is there such a thing, such a no-thing, such a more-than-no-thing, as the agapeics of community? G&B 179


air cool sun warm__sky clear across the pond

where the Senior Center was__new law offices remind


one where the power is__around me goldenrod

bends under the weight of bees__there is no name God


answers to and no name__comes to mind for the bitty

white birds twisting and turning__in perfect synchronicity


disappearing all at once__in the bright brimming as one

flowers and grass intertwine

Pond Song 3.65


. . .  the nothing we are seems to be in some secret communion with the God who is no-thing.” G&B 179



flowers and grass intertwine__shiver of blue asper among them

bright broken skies over mudflats__empty-headed Bo Juyi sung them


a lone egret steps in a meander__white clarity overcomes distance

a cormorant sways wings-akimbo__I too shift a little dance

yellow grass a cloud of rust

Pond Song 3.64

There is an equivocal plenitude given in aesethetic happening – equivocal because mingled with desolation. G&B 39

yellow grass a cloud of rust__late summer hendiadys

one the same not for long__stubble leaps it’s crickets

over the mustard blooms__atop their reflections white

egrets slouch in the shallows__baroque endless slight

pointed cyclic song__or spirals as cormorants

reach that utility pole__perch there for this once