raw bright day oak leaves

Pond Song 3.71


In the urgency a dawning comes over us. GB 33


raw bright day oak leaves__and maple tumble into the pond

where the tide was cord grass__pewter and bronze and beyond


stark in the mudflat glare__rocked by gusts a lone

cormorant wings akimbo__in the slack this patient one


wrinkling over calm oak

Pond Song 3.70


A new patience of being is needed. GB 33


wrinkling over calm oak__slipping back to the sea

doubling the fiery maple__pond more than mirrors tree


flushed from a rocky place__great blue stands between

its reflection and gray sky__light excessive and unseen




rusting cordgrass asters blooming

Pond Song 3.69


Being bespeaks itself plurivocally. Why not the divine also? GB 189



rusting cordgrass asters blooming__small bees out of wind’s way

graphite skies in the shallows__a snowy egret fall’s decay


what we behold releases us__a kitchen chair on its side

gleams distantly in a meander__mutter of ducks on the slow tide


pond still at neap tide

Pond Song 3.68


In our porosity, a seed of agapeic mindfulness germinates, mingling richness and poverty, and paradoxical beyond dialectic. G&B 184



pond still at neap tide__low fog high-flying crows

rusts yellows bronzes greens__cobwebs spangle the beach rose


the lacy pattern trembles__you see what you can’t see

the cormorant has dived__the pond is ripple free