light fog gurgle of the culvert

Pond Song 3.75


Our opening to the surplus in the otherness of given being can be complexly articulated, even if it exceeds all the determinations of intelligibility we muster. GB 45



light fog gurgle of the culvert__a company man no more

sodden burnt-out autumn__the pond not far from my door


the smokey edge of things__creak of a wheeling seagull

work’s dull roar from the river__barge lost to the tide’s pull


ducks dabble water splashes__music must have its Sabbath

just doing nothing is festive__this could be Rome or Bath


5 thoughts on “light fog gurgle of the culvert

  1. There’s a lot going on in these six double lines, and I’ve enjoyed thinking about it. There’s a description of the natural world and the season (I especially like ‘sodden burnt-out autumn’ and ‘creak of a wheeling seagull’), but there is human life too (‘work’s dull roar etc’ and Rome/Bath). I like it Tom, and as always there’s the musicality of your lines.
    (I’m afraid I can’t decipher the quotation though.)

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