Pond Song 4.16


Thinking can itself be, so to say, surprised by a kind of praying. GB 45


clouds high and sun-soaked__cordgrass matted gold

sheer silence of mudflats__rich oily darks unfold


the lunar ironic twist__the pond a day-lit moon

pearly and ecstatic__voluble ducks splash down soon


Pond Song 4.15


To know is to have some anticipation of what is on the other side of the limit. GB 42


Bare tree full of wind__the mere sound of it whole

cut-out cries of gulls__heard not seen gulls fall


into the icy shallows__rising above the churn

shadows of light in the glare__the cold makes the face burn





Pond Song 4.14

the heteronomous community that is agapeic service


I swear by the old pond__black hole of the weekend

pure distance on everything__geese fly over and blend


yodeling echo silence __March sun rakes the beach rose

innumerable light-lashed thorns__here and there a hip glows

Pond Song 4.13

The question is elemental and inescapable. GB 18


low gutterals of geese__dark forms on the mudflat

duotone grays in the twilight__ravine to the world that


and on the return there’s this__chuckle of incoming tide

fresh and humorless__fulness of the other side


Pond Song 4.12

dirtbike in pondthere is a heteronomy revealed in agapeic release GB44

high clouds snow glare__sudden black on gray

1 2 3 4__four geese angle away


into the cloud glow__the low tide reveals

a mountain bike upside-down__light spinning its wheels