Pond Song 4.26

for J. G.


There is no return of uncreated soul to uncreated origin; there is the opening to a communion of soul and origin, a communion ultimately a gift of the origin, since everything that is, though finite, is also such a grace. G&B 273



June warmth blur of memory__gulls float between nitroblooms

Henry Thoreau is just not here__nor his crowning fact looms


his god-man but a gull’s cry__the greenish sparks that fly

from a duck’s head way out there__on the public bench I pass by


a homeless woman in a hoodie__the rich voice of Maya Angelou

shine of plastic bags at her feet__there is this mind passing through






One thought on “Pond Song 4.26

  1. Tom: Very observant — perhaps it was a cool day that suggested “June warmth blur of memory” I do not know what nitro-bloom is but imagine it is something in the water that is not good, especially the fact that Thoreau is mentioned in your Pond Song. And yes I can see that “homeless woman” with plastic bags at her feet. I do not think this was a particularly ‘happy’ Pond Song, but nevertheless I liked the descriptions! Judy B.

    Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 17:18:43 +0000 To: jbrenner1936@hotmail.com

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