Pond Song 4.27

The finitely dynamic does not arrive from the stasis but from a more primordial energeia. G&B 248



nitroblooms not lilly pads__razor-edge of a crow’s flight

across the pond tall grasses__butterflies ash white


zig-zag over the shallows__not the garden of Monet

the vigil kept each Sunday__to visit master of way


mallards patrol the emptiness__then it catches my eye

rising falling quacking chanting__old Bai Juyi by and by



“It is the poesis, the potency, in the first Monet that gives rise to the non-identical repetition of all those that follow.”  Conor Cunningham, The Genealogy of Nihilism, 203.

Note: In Pond Song 4.27, I contrast South Mill Pond and Monet’s garden. To say X is not Y is to suggest that they share something that transcends them, and the comparison is based on that. They are “the same” with a distinction that shows up  in the non-identical return to the pond.



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