Pond Song 4.33


One might say, this power to give being from nothing is that greater than which none can be thought. G&B 255


high spartina thick now__hot breath at the pond’s edge

scum shine circulating__wheeze and chirp from the hedge


trickle of turning tide__midmorning midsummer blue

beyond low broken clouds__backlit surface shines through


Pond Song 4.32


No finite whole is absolutely self-supporting as a contingent happening. G&B 251


The country falling apart__the moon restores the tide

wastewater mixed with salt__fat mallards catch a ride


smart money feeds on itself__my wetland mind breathes in

essences of windblown beach rose__brick chokes the horizon


oak tree tops wind’s highway__our heroes fall elsewhere

may these rhymes fall together__seagulls split the air


Pond Song 4.31

Creation names a tense doubleness in affirming both absoluteness and relatedness. G&B 253


where white roses were pale leaves__cornflowers reach up and out

spent balloons flag the high grass__dust of fireworks blows about


for bearings in his rain-soaked hut__Basho recalls the Elder Du

spirit wanders with things mind wanders__high tide patterns move through


rock culverts wind-wrought waves__nations rise in violence fall

in the repetition this difference__this wonder this that it is at all

Pond Song 4.30


It is so, but it might not be so, or have been so, might not have been at all. G&B 250


low tide huddle of ducks__in the shade of the great oak

pale sky the welt of a contrail__too big to go broke


Big Money cries mercy__gulls stalk the mudflats

wavering in steamy heat__T’ao Chi’en says that’s


cool the inner pattern holds__the occasional breeze stirs

the oak leaves above me__in our weakness it occurs