Pond Song 4.37

Agapeic reserve will not quickly cross our minds as power.

G&B 253



do not expect much out here__pewter nickel aluminum

low clouds break on the pond__nothing had to be or become


goldenrod stains the other side__cut-out gulls dangle high

overhead veer away seaward__something excessive in that cry


2 thoughts on “Pond Song 4.37

    • I don’t know what out yielding means. The pond songs are constructed on the principles of early classic Chinese poetry: the parts of the line are in parallel, so one can discover more meaning in each part by pairing it with its corresponding member. And of course these pairings become more complex as the lines continue. That word excessive draws on the entire poem. But it starts, outside the poem so to speak, as a word both common and special (as a term of art in ontology– as in the moreness suggested by phenomenology’s account of appearance and metaxological mindfulness of origins). Sorry for the complicated response. The meanings of key words in a poem depend on context.

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