Pond Song 4.42

The unconditional activity of the divine is conditioned relative to the world as the creation of the unconditioned activity. God and the Between, 257

poverty at home war abroad__I watch the cormorant’s wake
an egret lands in the sparkle__bombs explode for terror’s sake

autumn light films the pond__a great blue stands tall
on one leg above its reflection__the news it seems is all

bad but for now no now__creation is relative
spartina sinks at high tide__no-mind present and active


Pond Song 4.41

God and world are two but not a dualistic dyad, and not moments of the One at home with itself. G&B 255


I walk to perfect desire__goldenrod stains the air

grasses bend seed-silvered__the emptiness of prayer


egrets hunchbacked in the wind__a bright spot and a gash

of bleak black bill__peace intense as a crash


the silence holds withholds__beholds some would say

the pond all bottom__meanders glitter away



Pond Song 4.40

What is it to ‘make way’? It is a surprising creativity that is not actually subordinating of anything. God and the Between, 255



rainbow runoff at high tide__cricket-keen September noon

the mirror clearing and clearing__dragons may surface soon


sun hot on my straw hat__not much between me and heaven

higher and lighter than light__two egrets with strokes uneven


rise away out of sight__I study being over

the top wild laughter__ducks no longer undercover




Pond Song 4:39

Creating is sheer giving to be. G&B 253



mudflats puddles meanders__low light from high clouds

an egret struts and swivels__lifts away into the gauze


Li Po’s hat windborne__I watch it sway in the wind

and light and disappear__something sheer had opened