Pond Song 4.43


We misunderstand God’s transcendence beyond the whole if we dualistically oppose it to divine immanence in the finite whole. G&B 259



half-human stench of mudflats__hot clouds late September

through the dark glitter peeps run__ time tells we remember


a different sea returns to the sea__above it all City Hall

sells earth and sky and water__flags snap smartly on the hill


crows feast on waste in silence__how they tell I cannot say

poor T’ao happy when writing__grasshoppers hop in the way





4 thoughts on “Pond Song 4.43

    • Thanks, Cynthia. The fragments– indeed crafted from notes made on the spot– are arranged according to a pattern. I discuss the pattern on the sticky post of poetryandbeing.com

  1. Cynthia, the poem opens with an image of the inseparability of the human and the natural. It moves through a series of images and statements that develop aspects of this mix, and a turn happens when the image of corporate power suggests a dualism that favors the merely human. This aporia is addressed by the image of the crows that know how to pull nutrition from the waste water. Then that image of separation leads to a human version, the Chinese poet who contemplated his own material nature — a sage — in timeless verse. This form of transcendence leads to the natural image of the grasshopper, a pun on the way may be forgiven, yes?

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