Song Pond 4.45


Fix on the fixed and we forget the fluid original power . . .” G&B 261


seed time at the pond __ breeze in stiff grass

flicker of brown sparrows__forgotten as I pass


gulls pace pewter mudflats__cloudless sky shines through

border of asters hang on__late bees hang on that blue


splash in the shallows__a flash of emerald duck

upon a sinking brown one__I’ve had my share of luck


and disaster getting here__my country’s kingdom come

flags at half staff bells tolling__I take the way of the poem


4 thoughts on “Song Pond 4.45

  1. I’m working from a system of ideas, relatively systematic anyway: the point of the system is the relativity of being. I’ve adopted some strategies for this practiced by the Chinese, as explained, for example, in the Penguin Classic Li Po and Tu Fu. It is central to Taoism but also to contemporary metaxological thinking, which goes back to phenomenology. Most poets don’t give a fig for such things and I find most poetry boring because it fails to reflect an awareness of shifting currents of thought; in fact, it rests on outmoded “currents” of thought, or currents without currency. Enough said about that. The strategy in English is to exploit the verbal image, the “verbal” meaning the polyvocal, questioning the determinacy of the determinate concept. This is obviously experimental. It relates to other experiments, like Geoffrey Hill’s concept of “contexture” which engages key words at various semantic levels or usages. This concern about “the language” goes back to early modernism in France. It has only gotten more relevant, now in the digital age. The concern about public discourse has become accute. That said, I always have to study the pond songs for several days and tweak them as I do. I’ve got a trickle of positive feedback and encourages me to keep doing what I think is my best effort. I’d probably do it regardless, as I did for several years before I put them on a blog.

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