cold kiss of flakes

Pond Song 4.55

In the hyperspace there is an echoing otherness that perplexes one with the voice of another, other beyond all echo. G&B 267


the cold kiss of flakes__I wander to the pond

the Atlantic swells upriver__a lace of snow on the ground


ice drapes the spartina__light brims on the tide

far out in the middle__a few ducks darkly glide


“looking’s just not enough”

Pond Song 4.54


What must the origin be like given the doubleness, both the arising and the transcience in all passing. G&B 253



distant crows sound horizon__snow crust underfoot

ducks headsdown in silence__tide pools backlit


looking’s just not enough__says Meng Hao-jan

winter light withholds nothing__gives with abandon


That They Are Here at All

Pond Song 4.53


Creation concerns the kind of beings we find in the between, in so far as they show themselves as coming to be. God and the Between, 248.



that they are here at all__just audible over tide-spill

mallards work the mudflats__not mine but Thy will


be done this dark day__sun dull in the shallows

between snowfalls grass rots__it is your excess that hallows




Gray Clarities

Pond Song 4.51

Being that is no-being is most evident with human being. G&B 263

Snow light gray clarities__pond on the way out
Galvanized pipe in amber weeds__that musical downspout

Emotions are born of habit__E.P. out of Li Po
A bufflehead breaks the surface__its white whiter than snow