it’s snowing softly now

Pond Song 4.63

Nothing is what it is other than by being with what is other to itself. G&B

Noon St.Valentine’s Day__a pondful of dirty snow

sky flat horizon mauve__along the path chrome yellow

dog piss pure Bruegel__ between the One and chance a door

a natal door says Bonnefoy__opens to eye-watering glare

it’s snowing softly now__spots of brown and green

half-buried above the bank__a mallard pair is seen


a thirst no empire slakes

Pond Song 4.62

Only by being nothing, an expectant porosity, can one be filled by the divine other. G&B 273

the pond empty filling with snow__just look Thoreau said

I do and nothing happens__a woman with a red

umbrella passes by__where she was fills with flakes

a discharged hero sleeps rough__a thirst no empire slakes

ice green in undertow

Pond Song 4.61

There is a blind wordless peace – wordless peace that yet words the between. God and the Between 276

water glare snow glare __ boot sinks to mind’s bottom

bird’s eye view of things __ bird’s eye sockets brim

with my tears (vide Hawkins)__Tu Fu has been here

Thoreau’s intended stranger__moon’s pull spills clear

of words as we return__ocean stronger than snow

I watch at the culvert__ice green in undertow

Walden is dull I read it anyway

Pond Song 4.60

The Unequal . . . equalizes itself for the sake of the other. G&B 255

Walden is dull I read it anyway__I return to the pond in sleet

ear-stopping wind but anyway__I shall not get cold feet

dark mystery is overfull__I read that in Wei Ying-wu

the wind dies clouds appear__white in the sudden blue

meanders through stiff stalks__a sparrow flits away

Thoreau had too much hope in him__words mean more than we say