Walden is dull I read it anyway

Pond Song 4.60

The Unequal . . . equalizes itself for the sake of the other. G&B 255

Walden is dull I read it anyway__I return to the pond in sleet

ear-stopping wind but anyway__I shall not get cold feet

dark mystery is overfull__I read that in Wei Ying-wu

the wind dies clouds appear__white in the sudden blue

meanders through stiff stalks__a sparrow flits away

Thoreau had too much hope in him__words mean more than we say


One thought on “Walden is dull I read it anyway

  1. “Words mean more than we say”? Not always of course, and too often they mean less than is said! Here however it is fairly said: you give us a fine description but at the same time room to think Tom. Delicately done.

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