old ice whets the wind

Pond Song 4.68

That we cannot pin it down should make us rethink the standing nature of the nunc
. G&B 294

old ice whets the wind__I do a double take
a seagull rides in__a belated snowflake

pluperfect light__nothing stands in this gale
baffled and blown about__light beyond the pale


echoing bank to bank

Pond Song 4.67

Joy is at one with itself as radiance beyond self. G&B 290

This is as far as I go__Du Fu surprised by grief
saying goodbye once more__ice swirls like a leaf

as the tide goes out__low over the sun-
lessness blackheaded geese__disappear into the horizon

of their guttural language__echoing bank to bank
I turn to go as I must__not knowing whom to thank

buds and icicles in the trees

Pond Song 4.66
The origin is not a determinate being but rather gives them to be as being at all. G&B 283

buds and icicles in the trees__stiff grass shivers in the wind
down a hole he cut for water__Thoreau saw summer and heaven

the water is all out to sea__the pond sunk in dirty snow
ice on the path drums footfall__faint meanders mark the flow

Tu Fu’s snapped off lines__bottom stones draped in ice
shine in dim sunlight__unmoved unmoving toward equinox

crows scrape by

Pond Song 4.65

Communion does not reduce to a mystical monism. G&B 273

Atlantic warming more snow__sparrows flit through the gloom
between hedge and icewall__Thoreau’s ink froze in his room

then thawed to pearly gray__color of the sky now the pond
sunk in eye-watering glare__crows scrape by the sound

criss-crossing everywhere__there’s nothing to photograph
calls interrupt the silence__ I mean caws more than enough

the hour sealed

Pond Song 4.64

“… [T]o act in oblivion of the gift given would be to rescind the creation as other.” G&B 257

the sky lead the hour sealed__snow glare everywhere

pond and trail no difference__no wind just this air

only the black cry of the crows__three notes a dropped beat

silence on the dim white path__a crow with snow on its beak