ocean-fed moon-dependent

Pond Song 4.69

A plentitudinous sense of the equivocal can draw us toward the plurivocity of the divine unity. G&B 290

snow gone what things show up__plastic bottles dog poop
up from the path a glossy crow__in its beak a foam cup

ocean-fed moon-dependent__the pond on the way down
where the culvert sucks it under__flash of mallards green and brown


2 thoughts on “ocean-fed moon-dependent

    • Thanks John. I do hope the energies carried on the juxtapositions convey an image– sound but also in the breathing spaces of the lines and between then– of an attention split between the things and what Desmond calls the hyperbolic. That ‘pitch’ to use Hill’s term of art is my goal. It has to come through the making and the momentum. The epigraph should help like a tuning fork.

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