Pond Song 4.40

What is it to ‘make way’? It is a surprising creativity that is not actually subordinating of anything. God and the Between, 255



rainbow runoff at high tide__cricket-keen September noon

the mirror clearing and clearing__dragons may surface soon


sun hot on my straw hat__not much between me and heaven

higher and lighter than light__two egrets with strokes uneven


rise away out of sight__I study being over

the top wild laughter__ducks no longer undercover





Pond Song 4:39

Creating is sheer giving to be. G&B 253



mudflats puddles meanders__low light from high clouds

an egret struts and swivels__lifts away into the gauze


Li Po’s hat windborne__I watch it sway in the wind

and light and disappear__something sheer had opened

Pond Song 4:38

Pond Song 4.38


… freedom is given in the between as a space of porosity . . . G&B 253


3 quick thin notes descending__so where have the peeps been

white shadows in the shallows__Tao not the Mandate of Heaven


one nation built on the black backs of slaves__clover slows me as I pass

a block away their bones reburied__cornflowers fade in drying grass


Pond Song 4.37

Agapeic reserve will not quickly cross our minds as power.

G&B 253



do not expect much out here__pewter nickel aluminum

low clouds break on the pond__nothing had to be or become


goldenrod stains the other side__cut-out gulls dangle high

overhead veer away seaward__something excessive in that cry

Pond Song 4.36

Coming to be is hyerbolic happening. . . . It is extremely difficult to think in this huper dimension on the other side of determinate beings.” GOD AND THE BETWEEN, 249

I wander these return__goldenrod over the beach rose
hot ripe smell of August__a part of what it knows

in the pond’s shallow middle__the placid upright egret
holds to the emptiness__Li Po’s decreative fit

Pond Song 4.35

The finitely dynamic does not arise from the static but from a more primordial energeia. G&B 248



helicopter Sunday__idiotic drone

behold our algae bloom__sent from an iPhone


ducks sleep round rocks__thought returns to things

watch the flow of your thought flow__watch for openings




Pond Song 4.34

Creation names a tense doubleness in affirming both absoluteness and relatedness. G&B 253


this Sunday this finite whole__this pond with seamless clouds

mudflats shine at low tide__in the meanders crows


in the vast gray an egret__pale body stretched out

low over the shallows__white exceptions shout


silently Li Po’s presence__nothing’s doing wu-wei

a beach rose shelters a beetle__rain is on the way


Pond Song 4.33


One might say, this power to give being from nothing is that greater than which none can be thought. G&B 255


high spartina thick now__hot breath at the pond’s edge

scum shine circulating__wheeze and chirp from the hedge


trickle of turning tide__midmorning midsummer blue

beyond low broken clouds__backlit surface shines through

Pond Song 4.32


No finite whole is absolutely self-supporting as a contingent happening. G&B 251


The country falling apart__the moon restores the tide

wastewater mixed with salt__fat mallards catch a ride


smart money feeds on itself__my wetland mind breathes in

essences of windblown beach rose__brick chokes the horizon


oak tree tops wind’s highway__our heroes fall elsewhere

may these rhymes fall together__seagulls split the air


Pond Song 4.31

Creation names a tense doubleness in affirming both absoluteness and relatedness. G&B 253


where white roses were pale leaves__cornflowers reach up and out

spent balloons flag the high grass__dust of fireworks blows about


for bearings in his rain-soaked hut__Basho recalls the Elder Du

spirit wanders with things mind wanders__high tide patterns move through


rock culverts wind-wrought waves__nations rise in violence fall

in the repetition this difference__this wonder this that it is at all